25 January 2007

I Love You, Mr. Sunshine

I blew my load too early last night and made a Facebook group, which we'll try to keep on the DL for now. But, the group did produce a fruit of our labor, in an amazing message I recieved from a potential group member. We'll call him Mr. Sunshine...


I was invited to join your "Lion In Oil" Group. Before I sign up, what is this about? You have said it is NOT a sports blog. Does it have anything to do with the surrealist painting by Ed Ruscha currently on display with the Magritte exhibit in Los Angeles? Anyway, best wishes. You say this is too early for whatever revolution you are starting (as it says in the discussion). Just remember, often we have greatness thrust upon us before we are ready. I am sure you will do fine. Good luck! -Mr. Sunshine


About the Tatis thing, I see it as minor. I wouldn't worry about him, and I doubt he ever makes the big club. Maybe they're just looking for a reverse double Grand Slam when Chan Ho and the Padres come to town.

That's all from me. Look for a new post tonight.