21 January 2007

NFL Wrap-Up

Considering that we almost named the blog "Anythingbutfootball.com" I suppose I will be the NFL expert. So here are my thoughts on the second biggest Sunday of the NFL year...

Bears 39, Saints 14
- To be fair, I didn't watch until late in the 4th Quarter when it was already wrapped up. It sure looked fun in the snow, though. The highlights showed Reggie Bush scoring on a long pass, and it really made me sad to see them fall short. Lots of people would go the route of - oh, they've been through so much, they deserve a Super Bowl. But rather than go through the route of sentimentality, I would rather the media have had an opportunity to shine a light on just how poorly the city of New Orleans is doing, and to what a degree Bush has failed in his promises to help re-build the city. Everyone seems to have forgotten the city, and this would have been a good chance to revisit it. As of the details of the game...go visit another blog.

Colts 38, Patriots 34
- Oh man, what a game! I hardly know where to begin. It was a game of runs, and then a slugging match. At first Peyton was blowing it, even busting out the Sports Guy Patented "Peyton Manning Face" a few times. 21-3 Pats. But then the Pats D took a page from the Slava Medvedenko Handbook (only a few words long: don't play any D), and did just that. I think the Colts had something like 4 or 5 straight possessions scoring.

The Pats battled with them, and I thought they'd pull it out at the end. But with his legacy on the line, Peyton pulled them through. It was really an amazing game. Two scored by linemen would have been enough, but there was way more. Even Donkey Kong (who has yet to post..) got into it. Wow.

This sets up the most undesireable matchup in the Super Bowl possible. It also brings about two weeks dominated by story lines I don't really care about. Blah. I can only utter one more thought:

BRING ON SPRING TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!