20 January 2007

RE: Dirty Harry

Goran, I think you're right to say that Eastwood is on an amazing run. But while you're lying down, consider this: Clint Eastwood has had an INCREDIBLE comeback. Before Mystic River in 2003, Clint had been in a terrible slump, and was largely considered a has-been. In the 11 years in between Unforgiven and Mystic River, he made 7 films. These included The Bridges of Madison County, Space Cowboys, and the winner - Blood Work. Let's look to IMDB for a plot outline for this absurd film:

"Retired FBI profiler Terry McCaleb (Eastwood), who has recently had a heart transplant, is hired by Graciela Rivers (De Jesus), to investigate the death of her sister, Gloria, who happens to have given McCaleb his heart. On the case, he soon deducts that the killer, who staged the murder to look like a random robbery, may actually be a serial killer Terry was trailing for years in the FBI. Can the elderly and feeble McCaleb, who had intended to spend his retirement living on his boat in the Los Angeles harbor, and who can't drive, and has to nap regularly, muster up the endurance to find the killer?"

Ridiculous is the only word that comes to mind for me. I bet most people don't even remember this film being made. Clint's comeback looks all the more better realizing his body of work in the years leading up to things. And he did it the smart way - smaller budgeted, character driven films. Clint didn't fall back on doing Dirty Harry VI, he did it his own way.