30 January 2007

The Crazy Bride and her Athlete Friends

Some of the ladies at work were huddled around a computer screen this morning laughing, and I decided to wander over there and see just what the ruckus was. Believe it or not, they were watching the Crazy Bride video, and it was INSANE. It's a must watch for everyone. It will be perhaps the best 5:22 of your day. I love how they keep cutting to one of the brides-maids (or whatever she was), and she kept laughing! What kind of friend/bridesmaid is she? A GREAT ONE!

The Crazy Bride video made me think of all the nutjobs that are in sports. And, as an excuse to post this amazing YouTube find, this will segue into the craziest players in sports. Crazier than Kobe Bryant being suspended for tonight's game. I've divided the insanity into three categories: On the field Crazy, Altogether crazy, and 'Don't Fuck With These Guys' Crazy.

On The Field Crazy
-Kevin Garnett
Can you find a more intense looking person on the court? You have to give it to him, as he's always the most fired up person on the court. But take his fired up nature, and add it with his goattee, and you've got the look of an angry animal about to charge. But he's supposedly a good guy, so he stays in this category. (Side note: I was shocked to learn last night that he's only scored more than 40 points four times in his career. FOUR! How is that possible? Kobe drops 40 as often as he has to take a piss when he wakes up in the morning.)

-Joe Namath
His desire to kiss Suzy Kolber took place on the field, and it was the highlight of that ESPN broadcast. It also spawned an amazing sports blog, Kissing Suzy Kolber.

-Just about any European Basketball Player
Don't they always just look insane? Radmanovic, Vujacic, Nocioni, Vlade Divac, Slava, the list goes on. They look like they're out of control, and they play out of control. One minute you could be praising their insane play, and the next minute you could just as easily be cursing them.

Altogether Crazy
-Gilbert Arenas
What do you do with a guy who is unpredictable and has absolutely no filter when it comes to what he may say? Give him a blog! Here's a little blurb from the Hibachi:

I wouldn’t pass the ball.

I wouldn’t even think about passing it. It would be like a NBA Live or an NBA 2K7 game, you just shoot with one person.

His latest Duke rant must be acknowledged. Before the NBA.com editors could get their hands on it, this is probably what it looked like:
I'd spit on Wojo, Trangdan, Shane, Duhon, Hill, Laettner, Deng and all the Dookies, making Cherokee Parks my new butler. Then I'll light the hot onion choo choo train on my hibachi at midcourt

He's bound to say anything, shoot from anywhere, and just threw a million dollar birthday party. He's crazy.

-Ron Artest
He could be put in any of these categories. The Brawl, the rap album, the mohawk. Enough said.

Don't Fuck With These Guys
-Tank Johnson
A SWAT team invaded his house, and turned up two assault rifles, four other guns and ammunition. He was charged with 10 felony counts of illegal firearm possession. He's been allowed to play in the Super Bowl. Just what was he planning on doing with this?

-Ray Lewis
I think people have forgotten that this dude was accused of murder, and now he appears on the cover of video games?!

And the winner is:
Rae Carruth!
Rae murdered his girlfriend who was pregnant with his child. He was found hiding in the trunk of his friend's car. That, my friends, is Wild Card crazy!