27 February 2007

Brittle, brittle bones

Shaun Livingston had "probably the most severe injury you can have to the knee." Poor guy. Will his incredible potential ever be fulfilled? He has yet to play a full season in three years and may miss all of next season. Here's to a good recovery for him and to his eventual ascension to the upper echelon of NBA point guards. If Amare Stoudemire can come back from microfracture surgery as spectacularly as he has, surely Livingston can come back from this. Then again, he does play for the Clippers, for a team that seemed to have given up long ago.

Peep the ESPN video to see the injury, but as the anchor says, look away if you're squeamish. She also says that it's just a dislocated kneecap, but since then it's been discovered that Livingston tore three out of the four ligaments in his knee. Yeah, that's bad. But look at this fro!