06 February 2007

Bye Sean

In their ongoing firesale, the LA Kings traded malcontent/loudmouth/diver/agitator Sean Avery to the New York Rangers for Jason Ward, Jan Marek, and Marc-Andre Cliche. The move gives the Rangers a little depth, some protection for Jagr, and a whole lot of baggage.

In his time playing in LA, Avery led the league twice in penalty minutes. He was rumored to be "hanging out" with Paris Hilton many a night in Hollywood. Before the begining of the 2005 season, he insulted Denis Gauthier and French Canadian players who play dirty but don't fight. Another rumor has him using racial slurs to George Laraque, which he denied. Now he dates Elisha Cuthbert. Lets hope its the one from "the Girl Next Door" and not Kim Bauer.

Avery seems to no longer be the player he once was, even though he still has hands of steel. He give it his all every shift, but he rarely fights anymore and always runs his mouth. He'll get others to drop their gloves but turtles and is afraid to fight.

The biggest and most notable issue I find in his game is that he dives like no other. Beyond being unbelievably unsportsmanlike, his reputation as a pest has the refs constantly watching him and calling dive penalties on him. Couple this with the fact that he gets called all the time for penalties, this is nothing good for his team.

Since his contract is coming to an end, it was a good move for LA to move Avery to the big apple. They didn't really get such great assets for him, but they received something for a rental player. The move is also good for the fans of the Broadway Blueshirts. They get one of the more entertaining players both on and off the ice. Now that he is out of California, people will at least pay attention to his exploits and enjoy who is perhaps the most insane player in the league.