06 February 2007

Farewell, Oscar

It is with great sadness that I read that the Dodgers have sent Oscar Robles back to the Mexico City Red Devils. Oscar was a great professional, and I loved having him on the team. He was a great utility player; never spectacular, but always dependable.

Oscar played his best ball during the Dodgers' "Famine Year," where they went 71-91, and finished 11 games behind first place (read: mediocre) San Diego. The 2005 Famine featured the following highlights:
-133 games played by Hee-Soep Choi (batted .253)

-88 games played by Mike Edwards (.247)
-121 games played by Jason Grabowski (.161). The real highlight was when Grabowski faced the pitcher Grybowski. Seriously.
-121 games played by the bum Jason Phillips (.238). Jason Phillips money quote:

Do I think the penalties (for using steroids) are a little harsh? Yes. Not for, say, the guys who have already been in the big leagues a lot of years and are making millions. (But) put yourself in my position. I play paycheck to paycheck to support my family.

For the record, Jason made $339,000 that season.

Robles, on the other hand batted .272. Not great, but not quite in category of his friends above. More importantly, Oscar bonded with the fans (or was it just me?) with his determination and grit. In the end, it will be only the Minutemen and conservative politicians lauding the deportation of Oscar. Now there's one more job open for hard-working Americans!

Oscar, you will be missed. You just never made it into Ned's plans. Too bad you weren't previously a Giant. Hopefully America's borders will be open to Oscar once more!

Thanks to Real GM Baseball for these statistical gems.