20 February 2007

Washington's Birthday Odds and Ends

They call it President's Day. But it's really Washington's birthday. But yesterday wasn't really Washington's birthday. It was just February 19th. And it could also be known one of the most boring days of the sports year. No Football, no NBA, no real college games, no baseball games (but scroll down to HAK's post - it's good!). There's hockey, however the 476,000 or so people that watched the recent all-star game indicates that nobody really cares about that sport...

So here we go - -

Tom Brady's a Daddy
How about that! Bridget Moynahan is pregnant! It's his baby! Wow! There was a lot written about this today, indicating just how slow of a day it was. But, as my friend The Animal pointed out earlier, everyone else missed the real story. At age 36, nobody just gets pregnant by mistake. Something is going on that we're not aware of. It should be noted that should Baby Brady be a boy, and not suit up for Michigan in 2027, The Animal will be taking a cyanide pill. Also, let's hope Brady learns to hold the baby better than he's holding the goat...

Bobby Knight blasts the NBA eligibility rule -
Who cares! When was the last time Knight even coached a top flight NBA player? His thing is taking decent white guys and getting the most out of them. He's not affected by this rule, and he wasn't affected when there wasn't a rule in place. Those who can complain: Billy Donovan, Jim Calhoun, Roy Williams, Coach K.

Speaking of Calhoun, we sure haven't heard much from the Huskies, have we?

Vandy gets fined $25k for allowing fans to rush the court -

I get the spirit of the rule, but I don't like its application. These days fans rush the court way too often, too often for unwarranted reasons. Big time programs with big time traditions should not have fans rushing the court. Case in example - Indiana's defeat of Wisconsin. How many titles has each school won?

If rushing the court could be warranted, it would have been last week's Vandy win over Florida. They beat a #1 team! The defending champ! Hey, they're VANDY! It's too bad Vandy got fined, especially considering their small athletic budget. That being said, if that win gets them into the dance, then it was money well spent.

Vladimir Radmanovic "slips on ice," out 8 weeks -
As if his season couldn't get any worse...it just did! Paging Andrew Bynum, please stop picking up fouls, the Lakers are going to need you! Maybe the Lakers can find some legal basis to void the rest of Radmanovic's contract - one of the worst of the last off-season. Just one parting thought - can you imagine Radmanovic snowboarding?!
Over and out!