01 March 2007

NHL Goes Over The Pond; Dentist Sues Lidle

-Kings, Ducks cross the pond to start next season
The NHL heads to Europe for the first time next season, when the Ducks and Kings open their seasons in London. I get why the Kings are going: Phillip Anschutz's empire owns both the new arean in London as well as the team. But the choice of teams defies logic for a few reasons.

First off, it makes absolutely no sense for the two teams that are furthest away to go. If the Rangers played the Flyers, it would be an "easy" 5 hour flight for both teams. With the West Coast teams going, both teams face grueling 11 hour flights each way to start their season. Shouldn't at least one East Coast team be going?

Second, by having the local rivals facing off, the NHL is depriving Kings and Ducks fans an opportunity to watch the games locally in person. It's as if the Dodgers played the Giants four times a year, with two of them being in Guadalajara. It would make more sense to have them play someone else, and let the fans enjoy the rivalry.

All of this brings us to one further question: will anyone in London care? The NHL is clearly piggy-backing on the NFL, which will also kick off their season in the same city this year. But at least there's the NFL Europe in London. Does anyone in England get hockey? Are they clamoring for an NHL game between the Ducks and Kings? Somehow, I don't think so. If they're going all the way to Europe, they might as well fly a few hours further east to a country that's going to enjoy it.

-Dentist Sues Lidle's Estate
A dentist to the stars in New York is suing the estate of deceased former Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle for $7mil after for damaging his apartment in the plane crash. Dr. Lawrence Rosenthal, dentist to such stars as Donald Trump and Catherine Zeta-Jones claims that his 43rd story apartment was ruined in the crash. Two words for you Larry: Get Insurance!

Perhaps Rosenthal has been spending too much time around The Donald, for he's startng to act like him. You guessed it - lawsuits are no stranger to Rosenthal. He's already in the midst of another:

Rosenthal was in the news in January, when he sued best-selling dating-book author Ellen Fein for $5 million after she called him a quack on the LyingDentist.com and BadDentist.com Web sites. She accused him of ruining her mouth.

The lawsuit accused Fein, author of "The Rules," of defamation, harassment and extortion.

Listen buddy. I feel bad for you. Your apartment was ruined, and you must have lost lots of stuff you really liked. But Lidle's family lost a person. Do what you have to do, but don't be a douche. I'd say more, but I don't want to get sued...