17 April 2007

Sheffield Does It For Grandpa

Tigers outfielder Gary Sheffield has had a long and productive career. Logically, the next step for Gary was to write an autobiography. Written with David Ritz, Inside Power is about Gary's dream of making The Show, and his experiences once he got there. Sitting on his grandpa's lap, Gary and cousin Dwight Gooden heard all about how hard it would be to make it. And it wasn't just playing well. Grandpa said it would take more than just playing well to get there.

Grandpa was right. It took more for Gary and Dwight. Drugs, booze, attitudes, greed, selfishness, and some "cream" doled out by Barry Bonds.

Gary tells us about the book in his own words:

What I want to do in this book is show you what it’s been like taking this strange, wonderful, sometimes immensely frustrating life journey. “Malcontent” . . . “greedy” . . . “selfish” I’ve had plenty of adjectives lobbed my way, and believe me, they’ve stung. There are a lot of stories to tell from a life lived on and off the field: some sweet, others horrific. Everything from soaking up Little League glory to nearly being shot to death, from learning the startling truth of how I came by my last name to playing with and for characters like A-Rod, Jeter, Lasorda, Leyland, and Torre. And, yeah, I’ll finally set the record straight about a guy named Steinbrenner and a guy named Bonds.

But Gary is a good guy. He did it for Grandpa. As Gary's career winds down, just remember that. The temper tantrums, the trade demands, and the constant idea that he's underpaid.

Gary says, "It’s a story Grandpa would want me to tell. It’s a story I need to tell."