13 May 2007

Brett Favre wants a trade!

Brett at his charity golf shindig

In a shocker (well, depending on who you ask) that came over the wire today, foxsports.com’s Jay Glazer is reporting that Brett Favre is not happy with how the Packers didn’t provide him any help on draft weekend and wants out of the organization.

Apparently, the Packers’ decision to take a pass on a possible Randy Moss deal was what put Favre over the edge, having his agent immediately call the Packers to say he wanted out. And while Packers coach Mike McCarthy apparently cooled him down, Favre was still pissed at his charity golf outing this weekend saying “we lost that one.”

After learning of these events, you have to wonder how excited Favre is to suit up in America’s Dairyland this season. But, despite all this, you wonder if the (a) Favre would holdout and (b) if the Packers would ever trade him.

If both of those events transpired, the two teams most likely to both (a) have a need for Favre and (b) have Favre interested in them would be the Bears and the Jets. The Packers might rather have Favre rot then have him suit up for a division rival, but the Bears are the best team in the NFL going into this season without a steady quarterback situation. The Jets are also an up-and-coming team that could make a run at the AFC with the coaching of Eric Mangini.

The question also remains what kind of compensation a team would offer a player with one year left in the tank. If Randy Moss is worth a fourth-rounder, what is Brett Favre worth? I don’t think any higher than a second-rounder, which is likely why the Packers will waddle their way to a 7-9 season with Favre at the helm.