29 August 2007

The Rawlings Primo - The Most Expensive Baseball Glove Ever Made

Yogi Berra once said that "there's nothing more personal than your own baseball glove," and Rawlings is hoping to capitalize on that sentiment with its new glove, the Primo.

Rawlings has introduced the Primo as the culmination of 120 years worth of making gloves. It's taken two years to develop the glove, which features hand-sewn Italian leather forming an innovative three-layer design. Its maker claims it can be broken in to cater to specific positions.

The supposed best glove ever made is also the most expensive glove ever. It costs $400, or, more than what many people make in a week. The initial challenge for Rawlings isn't getting the gloves off the shelves, but onto the hands of major league stars.

High-wattage Rawlings clients - among them Derek Jeter and A-Rod of the New York Yankees, Jose Reyes of the crosstown Mets and Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals - all have so far declined to use the Primo in games, despite its apparently superior design. San Diego Padres shortstop Khalil Greene has one in his locker but to date has not switched.

The Primo so far has found love only from the Padres' Jake Peavy, the San Francisco Giants' Barry Zito, and the Seattle Mariners' Horacio Ramirez. All of them are pitchers, who are traditionally the least attached to their gloves.
The bond between player and glove is a delicate, intimate connection. Like talking to a pitcher while he's in the midst of a perfect game, gloves bring about many superstitions. Many won't let others touch them, and gloves are often differentiated between practice and game use. So the battle to get players to switch is undoubtedly an uphill battle.
Ted Sizemore, a former Dodger who is now Rawlings's chief liaison with MLB players, is doing his best to address this. One of his tactics is to persuade minor-league prospects, not yet set in their ways, to wear the Primo during spring training. "You get them to like the color and the feel and the weight of the glove," he says. "A few start using it, and word of mouth spreads."

But as a former player, Sizemore understands the Sisyphean nature of his task. "It's very hard to get a player to change from something he really loves," he says.
It's interesting that the challenge is to get the big leaguers to switch, not the kids and fans who emulate them. The sticker price doesn't seem to be an issue for the parents and amateur players, who as the competition grows leans upon better supposed equipment to succeed. And it isn't the issue for the players either, as they get them for free. It's the comfort factor, stupid.
Rawlings, in other words, has come up with the most lavish glove ever but has yet to persuade any everyday players to use it. Some have grumbled that it is too heavy; others just think it's bad karma to switch.
If Rawlings and Sizemore are up to the challenge, they'll have Primo's on their star players next spring training. And if they can succeed with the Primo, then we can only imagine the price of the next great "best glove ever."


Bouj said...

Great article! I'm a big fan of baseball gloves, and I've seen the Primo gloves in catalogs all summer. I haven't seen one in a store yet (none of the high-end baseball specialty shops in my area carry anything above the $299 Rawlings Pro Preferred gloves), but they look interesting.

From a personal perspective, and I can't speak for the highly superstitious players, but aesthetically-speaking, I just don't like the color of the glove. It's a darker brown not common in Rawlings gloves. I've worn the medium brown and black gloves before, but I look at this color and view it the same way as the light brown models. I just wouldn''t want to wear it because I don't like the look of it.

Anonymous said...

i bought a primo off ebay for 250

Dom said...

This is an awesome article! I am currently a college baseball pitcher and looked into gloves for next season. The Primo stood out to me, and i am all about the superstitions and the looks. I love the way this glove looks, the color of it and of course the Italian leather. I've been a Rawlings Glove user my whole life and will never choose to use anything else. The new age baseball player is about the looks, the feeling and quality. This was a great article to promote the primo.

the fastest man alive said...

sounds like this product has some weight issues?? i dont see why anyone would pay this much for an expirimental product when the best glove ever made is already out, the wilson A2K(i know from experience, dude)!it is on store shelves and selling! its weird how current successful major league ball players prefer this glove over rawlings. obviously this glove is not all what it is hypted to be if 2 of the "TOP" players in the game denied this, so called "PRIMO"!

tHe TaRtAn said...


Steve said...

My son's been playing competitive baseball for a few years - he's now on a major bantam team, 14 years old.

When I look at the money I've spent on bats (aluminum bats aren't cheap), cleats, travel, registration fees and sponsorships, I have to say that a $400 glove is not that much a stretch - after all, it should last many years; bats are good for one or two seasons, the cleats are gone in no time, and every year the baseball association has its hand out for more...

Although soccer is admittedly a much cheaper sport to play, baseball is a great deal when compared to hockey - so, if the $400 glove can actually deliver, why not?

"Superstition" aside, no baseball player wants to break in a new glove in the middle of a season - so if the Primo arrives "ready for the field", it's a great big plus.

Anonymous said...

The fastest man alive:
Very, very few of current MLB players use Wilson gloves at all. A large majority use Rawlings, hands down. Get your facts straight before you try to sound all smart.

Anonymous said...

I just purchased a prm1200 with a basketweave web and the soft Italian calfskin is the best glove I have ever owned. I have a 15 year old with a smokin arm and I never get stung with this glove. I own a Wilson A2000 pudge catchers mitt(very good glove)/A2K wilson Infield glove/TPX Pro 11.5 Pitchers and none can compare to the Rawlings Primo! The pro's will get on the boat when they find out what they are missing

philsphan13 said...

Jake Peavy and Barry Zito don't even use Primo gloves. They use a Rawlings Heart of the Hide Burgundy series. It is similiar in color but the leather is alot different and so is the price (210 for the burgundy. But anyone looking for a glove that they can use for just as long as a primo should use a rawlings pro preferred, i've been using mine for almost 3 years and the only thing wrong with it is that the laces have broken a few times and i needed to get it restrung. but then pro preferred costs about 270 and a re-lacing job by a professional is about 20 dollars, so overall a pro preferred is the same glove for alot less money.

PVbaseball19 said...

first off i see no reason for a 14 year old to even own this glove. it doesn't matter if hockey is more expensive 400 dollars is 400 dollars. the glove will not make your son perform better your son make the glove the glove doesn't make him. this glove cannot last any longer then most quality gloves out there. i have a a2000 and have owned it since i was a freshman so about 3 years. it is a quality glove and nothing it wrong the webbing is strong, it is still somewhat stiff, and the laces are great.
i play competitive baseball for my highschool which were runner up state champs, and 2 summer leagues, and have a scholarship to play at florida state university and i have no plan on getting a new glove inless it get destroyed.
i just don't see the point in owning a 400 dollar glove espically at the age of 14.

Anonymous said...

I am a division one college third baseman and i have to say that the Primo is definitely the best glove there is to offer. That is just my opinion and i understand others may differ. I've been using the Primo since my junior year of high school and wouldn't think about switching. True, the glove is a little on the heavy side compared to other top of the line gloves but its nothing that you can't get used to. The pro's obviously don't want to change gloves, especially the position players because a glove is like a players baby. You don't want to switch because you love it. Your accustom to it. Thats that. The only reason i switched is because i was an inexperienced young player that changed gloves until i found the right one. The primo is the one for me. Ha i love it.

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