27 February 2008

Bill Belichick: Friend Of The LGBT Community?

Since the Patriots didn’t win the Super Bowl Bill Belichick didn’t get the opportunity to tell the world he was going to Disneyland. We all know that when one door closes often new opportunities show themselves in other, more unexpected places. And the same has happened with Belichick, as he finds himself on the March/April cover Boston Spirit, Boston’s premiere gay magazine.

If we were to apply Bill Simmons’ unintentional comedy scale to this it would be quite high. Right next to Belichick’s mug lies the headline “Where Lesbians Love.” Based on the snarl on his face, perhaps not anywhere near him. Of course there’s no indication he even knew he’d be gracing the cover.

Spirit Publisher David Zimmerman said they chose Belichick to be their March/April cover coach because “he is, currently, the most recognizable coach in the New England area.”
While Belichick made the cover of Boston Spirit, he doesn’t really have anything to do with the rest of the issue. Instead he’s just the impetus to an article debating what would happen if a popular Boston athlete came out as gay. Their take? A star would be treated fine, a bench-warmer might not.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of Boston Spirit’s best selling issues in a while. And even less surprising would be finding these issues cropping up in places like Pittsburgh, Indianapolis and New York during the 2008 season.

Now You Can Be More Like Pete Carroll

If you think you don’t know anything about USC coach Pete Carroll there’s now a two step process to changing that. First, befriend him. He’s popped up on Facebook, where you can learn that his favorite musical artists are the Beach Boys and Kanye West. And after you’ve earned Carroll’s friendship go check out his personal website where. There, among other things, you can learn to dress like him.

I’ve never seen Carroll in anything other than Nike gear (think Cardinal or White with swooshes all around), but I suppose when not being photographed he wears something else. And thus comes Carroll’s own line of apparel, donned with such slogans as “Rips It” and Win Forever.” Of course such stuff is for sale. Interestingly enough, while the clothing is based on USC colors, there are no USC logos to be found on them. The same goes for the traditional Trojan logo...it’s a wee bit different.

So if you’re such a USC die-hard fan that you’ve bought every other USC-related shirt, why not buy Carroll’s stuff? Thankfully proceeds will be given to a charity. Wear it in the best of health!

26 February 2008

Don't Look For Any Political Endorsements From Tim Tebow

If you’re anyone who matters, it’s gotten to the point in the electoral cycle where the time has come to endorse a candidate. Greg Oden and Chris Dodd put their eggs in Obama’s basket today, and before you know it seemingly anyone who is anyone will have publicly endorsed someone.

One endorsement candidates won’t be getting is from Tim Tebow. The Florida Heisman winner may have the backing of Gators fans, but don’t look for him to be in any particular candidate’s camp this time around.

Tebow, the Gators' star quarterback, has been courted by "multiple" presidential candidates — Republican and Democratic — for his endorsement, UF athletics officials confirmed to The Sun. Thus far, however, he's declined to give his stamp of approval to anyone.
According to the Florida Department of State’s Division of Elections Tebow is registered as a Republican, so perhaps there’s no reason for him to endorse, at least on the Presidential level. People will keep looking to Tebow, and anyone else who is perceived to have some sort of impact. It’s unlikely that all 51,913 UF students would sway Tebow’s way in the event of an endorsement, but even so it’s likely that some would. And of course all this discussion just creates a debate as to whether celebrity endorsements matter, and if anyone cares. Whatever the case, Tebow ain’t endorsing, at least for now. He’s got other things on his mind.
"He's focused on his priorities: God, family, academics and the Gators, and (he) just thought that people should do their research and make their decision with what's in their heart," said Zack Higbee, assistant director of UF sports information.

25 February 2008

There's No Grunting Allowed In Australia

If you're going to join a tennis club you have to understand that there are going to be rules. You might have to wear white, for example. And you'll likely have to behave on the court as well. In one extreme a nine-year-old Australian girl was kicked out of her tennis club - for grunting too loudly. I guess modeling your game completely after grunter Maria Sharapova isn't always such a good idea.

Lauryn Edwards was told at the weekend that she could no longer play her favourite sport after a complaint by an opposition player. The Mt Carmel Tennis Club, in Sunbury, told Lauryn's stunned parents, Duncan and Ruth, that the grunting had become too much.
Can you really ask someone to stop grunting? That would be like asking her not to hit as hard either. If you're a grunter I suppose you can't help it.
Mr Edwards said the club had asked him for an assurance Lauryn would remain silent on the court.

"They told me to guarantee she won't grunt or she can't play," he said. "What do they want me to do? Put Band-Aids over her mouth? They made her cry on the court when they told her.
In America this would turn into some sort of freedom of speech fight, with Al Sharpton or someone like that coming around the corner any second. Who knows how the Aussies will react. So if some stuffy club is going to cramp her game, she might as well go elsewhere. Who needs the Mt. Carmel Tennis Club anyhow.

Something Stinks In Buffalo

Something stinks in Buffalo. It isn’t the Sabers –their record this season is 30-24 – not great, but not stinky either. But something literally stinks outside of Buffalo’s HSBC Arena, and nobody seems to know what it is or where it’s coming from.

Over the past year, Fix It has received a number of complaints about a foul odor on Perry Street in the area of HSBC Arena. The most recent came from Julie, a Buffalo resident for the past five years, who said she noticed the odor right after moving here.

“It is horrendous,” Julie said. “What a welcome to all the fans who come to Sabres games and other events at HSBC Arena.”
An easy answer might be raw sewage, or faulty sewer pipes, but it isn’t. The stench comes from elsewhere. When HSBC arena was being built workers hit a sulfur pocket. The construction company was mandated to put in a system to alleviate the problem, but based on the continual complaints, either there’s no system or it isn’t doing its job.

So if you’re headed to HSBC Arena anytime soon, be forewarned. Breath through your mouth, and prepare to hold your nose.

24 February 2008

Kobe Bryant: Bad Ass

Kobe Bryant and I have had an up-and-down relationship over the years. I loved him. I hated him. This season has gone just the same way. Starting the season begging to play elsewhere, things have gone pretty darn well. Nobody will argue that he's an amazing player. But Sunday's game against Seattle shows that he's also a bad ass.

The Lakers currently lead the West. The Sonics...just suck. So when a 39-17 team is facing a 15-40 team, you'd expect a blowout. And such a thing did happen (final score - 111-91). I suppose nobody said anything to Bryant though. He brought his A-Game, and his intensity.

So intense that he was ejected in the 3rd quarter with his team up 31 points. Two technicals for arguing a foul. Arguing that he should have been fouled while going for an offensive rebound. With his team up 31 points. Think Kobe doesn't care? Think players take nights off? Not Kobe.

20 February 2008

Aussie Football League Just Wants Its Players To Treat Women Right

Here’s a quiz for you. Let’s say that your friend’s girlfriend, thinking you are the friend, asks you to come into her room. Do you “go and hop into bed and pretend to be him,” or simply walk away?

Here’s another one. Your friend and his girlfriend are having sex, and you can see them. Do you watch, or walk away?

I’m guessing you’ve never taken a quiz quite like that, but if you’re reading this you probably wish you would have. And depending on who you are, your idea of a perfect score could be wildly different. A smart and decent person would know the proper answers to these questions. But the players in the Australian Football League are seemingly having problems with these sorts of issues, prompting the league to produce an interactive DVD hoping to improve its players’ attitudes towards women. Attitudes that would make players do something like this:

In another example, a player is with a girl who has had too much to drink. "Do you: (a) get her some water, (b) call her a taxi or (c) take her back to your place for sex?"
The DVD is part of the league’s respect and responsibility program, and is actually a serious thing. Seven actors and fifteen crew members spent four days shooting it. Whether or not it will actually make a difference isn’t clear. Like mandatory sensitivity, there’s no clear indication things will improve. Rather, this video might just provide more fodder for the footballers to engage in even more hijinx.

19 February 2008

Arsenal’s Almunia Straddles The Line Between Goalkeeper and Ghoul Keeper

Do you believe in ghosts? Arsenal goalkeeper Manuel Almunia sure does. He doesn’t merely believe in ghosts. He thinks his own house is being haunted by them. So would that make him a ghoul keeper as well as a goalkeeper?

Terrified Almunia said yesterday: “My house is small but there is a lot of history to it and it seems there are ghosts. “One night, we were sleeping and my wife suddenly woke me up with a shout. She said there was this monk-like figure with a candle in his hand. She was in bed, next to me. I didn’t see him but I was s*** scared.

“We’ve spoken to neighbours, and they said this was normal.
You’d think this was some sort of spook, but nobody’s taking it lightly. Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has allowed Almunia to go home for lunch so his wife won’t have to be alone with the ghosts. That’s understanding, isn’t it? Try giving that excuse to your boss. Of course that might just be an easy way to give all the other Arsenal players an hour to make fun of Almunia behind his back.

And if you think that Almunia is totally off his rocker, there might be some sort of basis to his hysteria. His home was built on the grounds of the Leavesden Hospital, a mental institution during World War II. Well, I see where the basis might come from, but he’s still likely off his rocker.

A Guide To Driving At The Beijing Olympics: DON’T!

I’m sure that many people heading to Beijing for this summer’s Olympic games might be tempted to rent a car as their primary mode of transportation. On the face of things it seems like a pretty good idea. But after reading “A guide to driving in Beijing during the Olympics,” perhaps there are better alternatives.

Here are a few excerpts to make you never want to get anywhere near a Beijing street again:

1. Physics 101: Beijing drivers seem eager to challenge the physics principle that no two objects can simultaneously occupy the same point in space... It's also not uncommon for drivers who have missed their exits to simply put the car in reverse and back up into traffic.

2. No-Look Turns: Some countries have rules allowing right turns on red lights. Beijing has something unique: No-look turns. That's right, they follow the maxim that "if you see me, you're responsible for not hitting me," and its corollary, "if I don't see you, it's not my fault if I hit you."
There are a number of other rules and suggestions that follow, each making things scarier than the next. The point seems clear – you shouldn’t be driving in Beijing. But knowing these facts now, you probably don’t want to be in any vehicles of any sort...taxis, busses, limos included. So if you’re lucky enough to be going to Beijing this August, do the right thing: take the subway. Subway trains can’t turn on a red light, can they?

18 February 2008

The Cows Are Out To Get Ryan Spilborghs

I had a friend in college who would park his BMW in the most remote part of a parking lot, no matter what. The thinking went that the chances of it getting dinged were lessened by doing so. Rockies OF Ryan Spilborghs might want to start doing the same thing, after his truck got more than a ding.

As organizers prepared for the National Western Stock Show parade through downtown Denver, the Coors Field parking lot served as a staging area for livestock. A few steers didn't, um, steer sharply enough and one broke the taillight on Spilborghs' vehicle.

"My spot was taken, so I parked in space 19, for my number. When I came out, the light was broken," Spilborghs said. "I checked for a note, but those longhorns left something else behind." [Emphasis added]

Talk about adding insult to injury! The cow broke his light, and then dropped a deuce as well. The Rockies may still be the kings of Denver after their amazing run to the World Series last year, but apparently nobody passed along the memo to the bovine community. Perhaps the cow was delivering a message. If Spilborghs becomes a vegetarian sometime soon, we'll know why.

So I guess the college friend was right. If you really care about your car, you'll park it far away. Then it's safe from dings, scratches, and cows.

17 February 2008

LIO Goes Curling

Curling is an Olympic sport. It has been since 1998. Yet it seems to be misunderstood. A cursory Google search for “curling is not a sport” returns over 414,000 hits. There are 189 groups on Facebook with the same title. So the question begs - what’s the deal with curling?

Unlike Roger Clemens’ ramblings on Andy Pettite, Curling really is misunderstood. Curling is definitely a sport. And it’s really hard. I now know because I’ve tried it.
Last week I went curling with John Benton, President of the Minnesota Curling Association at the St. Paul Curling Club. I went in knowing little about the sport, or even how to play. Something like shuffle board on ice, perhaps? Think again. I curled for about an hour, learned a lot, and walked away with very sore legs. Make that really sore legs.

The first thing you need to learn about curling is that it’s not as easy as it looks, and it’s not just about throwing the 44-pound stone down the ice. There’s skill, strategy, and flexibility (which I quickly learned I don’t have much of). And don’t forget about where the sport gets its name. You often have to curve the stone down the sheet in order to get into the house. See, curling it?

So what’s making Curling the Don Rickles of Olympic sports? Perhaps that people don’t really get it? It’s not readily accessible to all? NBC is going to be bringing a Curling reality show to the air soon, and perhaps that will help. But before you start on your next “curling is not a sport” rant, believe me. It is.

13 February 2008

And You Thought Violet Palmer Had It Bad

If you thought Violet Palmer has it rough, she’s obviously never officiated a game involving St. Mary’s Academy in Topeka, KS. And that’s because they probably wouldn’t have let her.

Michelle Campbell was planning to referee a game at St. Mary’s until their athletic director told her that she wouldn’t be allowed to. It wasn’t anything personal though. Naturally, it was because she was a woman.

That would be putting a woman in a position of authority over boys, she was told — a scenario that was contrary to beliefs at St. Mary’s Academy.
Campbell wouldn’t have been surprised if she’d known anything about St. Mary’s. The K-12 school separates boys and girls in almost every endeavor. Sounds fun.

Rightfully so, Campbell and her fellow refs walked off the court in disgust, just as I probably would have. And while this story is shocking and disturbing, it can’t be that surprising, can it? It did happen in Kansas, after all. I suppose Creationism is a required class at St. Mary's as well.

12 February 2008

Meet The World's Smallest Bodybuilder

In the bizarre world that we live in, it takes a lot to really wow people. But here you go. Meeting Aditya "Romeo" Dev, otherwise known as the world's smallest bodybuilder. The 19-year-old has become a celebrity of sorts in his hometown of Phagwara, India. But you might be too if you weighed less than 20 lbs yet could lift a 3 lb dumbbell.

Give Romeo credit - he hasn't let his size stop him from his dreams, or physical fitness. In fact, I bet he's in better shape than you are (or I am, for that matter).

"My size has never stopped me. I train with dumbbells and do aerobics and dance. People are always pleased to see me – I have been invited on TV shows and dance on stage."
The Guinness Book of World Records has already named him the world's smallest bodybuilder, and so Romeo is on to his next challenge - dancing. Here's guessing it won't be long before he's the world's smallest professional dancer.

11 February 2008

I Swear, The Deer Made Me Do It

Hunting is fine and all, but rules have to be followed. And one of them is hunting on your own property, not your neighbor's. A Florida hunter was charged with felony trespass with a firearm earlier this month when he was caught doing just that.

The hunter readily admitted that he was in fact trespassing, but his rationale was a bit curious. He blamed it on the deer he was hunting.

The hunter admitted he did not have permission to hunt on the property, the report said, “but was frustrated when a big buck refused to come over to his adjacent property.”
This will be a hard charge to defend in court: "Your Honor, the deer made me do it!" Good luck with that one.

07 February 2008

I Bet You've Never Seen Hillary Clinton Like This Before

Earlier in the week Topps had a little fun with one presidential candidate, putting Rudy Giuliani smack dab in the middle of the World Series celebration of his hated Red Sox. But not to be outdone, Upper Deck has come out with a set of Presidential Predictors cards, interspersed between its regular baseball cards. You’ll see Barack Obama playing White Sox outfielder Jermaine Dye winning the 2005 World Series MVP and John McCain as Ted Williams. But you won’t find any of Hillary Clinton.

Well, you would have, and her exclusion isn't due to Clinton-fatigue either. Clinton was cast as Morganna the “Kissing Bandit,” as "Like Clinton, she saw something she liked and went after it." But after some smart thinking, Upper Deck attempted to pull as many Clinton cards from the release as possible. Perhaps because of this description?

"Hillary Rodham Clinton and Morganna Roberts, baseball's infamous 'Kissing Bandit,' share a similar life strategy: go after what you want and get it!" the card reads. But unlike Roberts, who would dash onto ballfields and kiss players during games, it credits Clinton for generating headlines with "her reforms, initiatives and current bid for the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination."
But they couldn’t pull them all. At least one made it into the world, and is now being sold on eBay Just take a look at that card. The first thing that comes to mind is that I don't think I've ever thought of Hillary in that way before. But the election thus far has been a celebration of change and the breaking down of barriers. Yet we all know that sports is a boys club, and old habits die hard. This card doesn't break down anything.

Upper Deck promises an updated Hillary Clinton card come May, when the company issues its update of this year’s set. You can buy this less-PC one while you can on eBay...for a scant $1.04.

New Jersey Lawmakers Would Like To Remind You Where The Giants Really Play

In issues regarding New York and New Jersey, there always seems to be one constant: New Jersey’s inferiority complex in comparison to its more glamorous neighbor. Now the Giants’ Super Bowl victory has provided another reason for New Jersey’s finest to kvetch.

They may be called the New York Giants, but they’ve played in New Jersey since 1976. And with a new stadium being built nearby the current Giants Stadium, it’s going to stay this way for a long while. Think there are some bitter feelings about this in New Jersey? Of course, especially with state lawmakers.

The New Jersey State Assembly honored the champs on Thursday, but not without getting their point of view across.

"We appreciate your efforts on behalf of the New Jersey Giants," Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce told tackle Kareem McKenzie as the Assembly honored the team that carries a New York moniker but plays in East Rutherford at state-run Giants Stadium.
It’s just a name, right? The Giants have New York name, but doesn’t New Jersey get the economic benefit of not one but two NFL teams? That’s the irony, isn’t it? And so the name shouldn’t matter.
Assemblyman Anthony Chiappone presented the resolution.

"One day I hope to be standing here issuing a proclamation to the New Jersey Giants," he said.
Ok, I guess the name matters.

06 February 2008

Rudy The Red Sox Fan?

Now that Rudy Giuliani has dropped out of the Presidential race, you'd think he'd drop out of the limelight. And while he largely has, he's back. And the joke is on him.

Last July was a long time ago. For example, Rudy was the front-runner for the Republican nomination. And he also said the following:

"I'm a Yankee fan," Giuliani replied then. "I always believe it's a sign of my being straight with people, about not wanting to fool them, that I was one of the first mayors to be willing to say I was a Yankee fan."
But come October, things had changed. He was starting to fall in the polls. He needed help.
"I will be rooting for the Red Sox because I am an American League fan," Giuliani told a group of reporters, most of them local. "In this case, you won the division and we lost."
And so Topps is having fun with our now no-longer running flip-flopper. They've put him on a baseball card. Celebrating a World Series Championship with the Red Sox.
"We took that and thought it would make for a funny card, since the Red Sox won," said Clay Luraschi, baseball brand manager for The Topps Co. "We thought, let's put him in the championship dog pile."
So there you have it. Giuliani was against the Red Sox before he was for them. Now he's likely against them. Sound like defenses of elections past? There will be one of these cards in every 70 packs, so happy hunting!

04 February 2008

How The Giants Have Helped The Economy

The Giants’ Super Bowl victory has been dissected and analyzed more than you can imagine. The same people who didn’t predict a Giants win are now explaining how it happened. But there’s also a ripple effect going on outside of the X’s and O’s.

For example, take a look at how the Giants’ victory helps our economy. It’s not just by the sale of championship apparel. Rather, in the wake of the game Wall Street was very, very quiet today. Many trades were put on hold due to dealers not showing up. And if dealers aren’t showing up, the economy can’t possibly get any worse, can it?

"I knew trading flows from the New York desks would be close to nil. And I was right: There's so much stuff going on with the markets but let's face it, those traders are probably not even at their desks yet," said Greg Salvaggio, a senior currency trader at Tempus Consulting in Washington.

"New York will have to literally sober up before we see some trading action out of there," he said.
New York’s Jeffries & Co. estimated that trading volume was 15 to 20 percent below the daily average. At one point it was as much as 34 percent below the previous 20-day average. But lest you think it’s Wall Street’s fault, think again. New Yorkers have a rationale of their own. It’s Bostonians bringing us down.
"Business is very quiet this morning. I think it's more a function of Boston being completely emotionally crushed than it is New York being unable to execute trades -- we're operational," said Peter Kenny, managing director at Knight Equity Markets in Jersey City, New Jersey.
Well, one way or the other it was a rather quiet day on Wall Street. And with the Giants victory parade taking place Tuesday, it’s likely to happen again tomorrow.

But here’s something to consider. Perhaps this is the way to fix the economy. So stay away, traders and dealers. Perhaps people’s portfolios won’t continue to decrease if there aren’t any trades to be made. And if the Giants’ Super Bowl victory can lead to a revitalized economy, then maybe I’ve found a new favorite team.

Why Don’t They Just Call It ‘Steve Nash’s Soccer League?’

Before Steve Nash was a two-time NBA MVP he was also the British Columbia High School soccer MVP. So it makes (somewhat) perfect sense that Nash has become an investor in the nascent Women’s Professional Soccer League.

Nash is hoping to bring money and attention to the eight-team league, which plans to debut in 2009. The league’s commissioner, Tonya Antonucci called Nash "quintessential soccer dad," hoping that he’d attract other fathers take their kids and support the league. This must mark the first time in NBA history that a player was referred to in this way.

The problem, of course, is that it’s going to take a lot, lot more than Nash’s support to make this league a success. Unless he’s able to appear at each and every game signing autographs and posing for photos, it just isn’t going to work. Only when Nash fades to the background and the quality of play becomes the storyline will this occur. And based on past examples, this just isn’t likely.

So unless Steve Nash plays with all these women, I won’t be watching any games. But should that happen, I’ll be there.

These Draft Dodging Tips Brought To You By South Korean Soccer Players

Luckily the United States doesn't have a draft. And even if we did, they wouldn't really want me anyhow. But should it ever be brought back, we've got some South Korean soccer players to thank for giving us draft-dodging tips.

92 current and former South Korean have been indicted for attempting to dodge their country's compulsory military service. While I would have shot off one of my little toes, they thought of something better - they intentionally dislocated their shoulders.

The players, including 15 professional K-League players, dislocated their shoulders by methods such as swinging their arms while holding heavy weights or having fellow players jump on their shoulders, the official said.
Ironically, should they be found guilty, they'll likely be sent to jail or be forced to perform community. Both punishments would be for two years, or the same amount of time they would have spent in the army...and of course they could have done that and finished with their shoulders intact. As always, it seemed like a good idea...until they got caught. But who needs an un-dislocated shoulder anyhow?

03 February 2008

Among Other Things, Clinton Sees Giants' Victory As Omen

With Super Bowl Sunday now out of the way we can turn our attention to something that matters even more: Super Tuesday. But don't think for a second that the candidates won't find a way to tie their fortunes to that of the Giants. And Hilary Clinton became the firsts, but probably not the last, just after the game.

Clinton watched the game at a Minneapolis sports bar, rooting for the Giants. And let the record be clear - she rooted for the winning team.

When New York scored the go-ahead touchdown with 35 seconds remaining, Clinton leaped up and high-fived some young people standing near.

"That was unbelievable," she said. "Oh my gosh."
And what does this mean for the days to come? Aside from the obvious (parade, Belichick-bashing, etc), she had some ideas of her own.
“Well, I think this is a real omen,” she said.
So there you go. Hilary's seen her omen, and now it's Obama's turn to show us his omen.

A "Patriots Fan" No Longer?

Editor's Note: Today's game has left me at a loss (for now, at least), and so my girlfriend has called my bluff and written a wrap-up of sorts. Enjoy!
As the Fun Sheriff sat sulking in his chair after the potentially historic win of the Patriots in tonight’s game, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. In my opinion, the Patriots made history early on in the game when Tom Brady’s girlfriend Gisele (maybe not anymore-he’s sort of a loser now) sipped wine at the Super Bowl. Come on. Unless she’s allergic to barley-when in Rome do as the Roman.

Maybe it was the nearly six hours of coverage I’d been watching including pre and post game coverage of the “game of the year,” but I just couldn’t feel sorry for the loss of “his team”-the New England Patriots.

How could a born and raised Angeleno feel so attached to a team across the coast? It got me to thinking about one of the few athletic deficits of this great city. There is no pro-football team and for the seemingly endless football season, sports fans throughout the city flounder without an identity. Sure there’s great college football at USC. But then what? Are you expected to follow your favorite player pro and then drop that team when your next favorite player signs pro?

If you live in other parts of the country for a portion of your life, say during college, you could pick a team that way. For example, the Fun Sheriff had a chance to become a Packers fan and enter the craze of cheese heads and snow games at Lambeau during his four years in Madison, Wisconsin. But, no- he declared mid-season this year that AFTER this Super Bowl he would begin rooting for the Packers. This epitomizes the ungrounded football fan of Los Angeles. Just wandering aimlessly, looking for a team to grab onto (preferably one with lots of W's).

So as the Fun Sheriff tries to pick up the pieces after tonight’s loss at least he can look ahead to a bright future for the upcoming Laker and Dodger seasons-teams he can feel great pride in and which create an identity for Los Angeles. As the football season comes to a close once again, Los Angeles can once again take the sporting limelight and the Fun Sheriff will soon be seen joined with fellow Angeleno fans singing the Kumbaya Anthem of the city, “I love L.A.”