26 November 2008

Racial Profiling Is Hard To Do On An All-Black Team

You'd hope in this day and age that racial issues would start appearing in only our collective rearview mirror. Every once in a while though, it rears its ugly head. Here's another example. Sort of.

Racial profiling has been lobbied against Danville High School's white basketball coach after cutting eight black players from the squad. This is a troubling thing, right? It might be, except for the fact that it's hard to commit racial profiling when the team is entirely black.

While some community members are crying foul, at least the Principle has his back.

"The coach chose the student athletes that he thought were the very best players and would help the team be successful this year," Principal Mark Neil said. "That was the basis of the choice.

"I feel for the ones who did not make the team," Neil said. "It's got to be tough on them and tough for their parents. ... But I don't understand the racial (accusations). The entire team is African-American."
The Principle is right. This is basketball. And like life, it's not always "fair." Eight kids didn't make the team, but that happens on basketball teams across the country. To accuse the coach of racial profiling is not only illogical, but it's also the wrong lesson to teach to the kids involved. Rather than making excuses perhaps the truth, while often a hard pill to swallow, should be told. These kids just weren't enough to make the team.

25 November 2008

Kyle Korver Jukes Left, Jerks Right

Kyle Korver is not only a great shooter, but photographic evidence has also proven him to be a great defender as well. It seems as though he has other talents as well. Korver has missed the last three games due to a "sprained wrist," and based on the video evidence it seems as though the injury may have been self-inflicted. Too bad he's not ambidextrous.

Iowa Fans Busted For Illegal Touching In Metrodome Stall

All in all, Iowa fans were feeling pretty good after the Hawkeyes took down Minnesota 55-0 this past Saturday. What should have been a memorable game for Gopher fans taking in the last game at the Metrodome was instead a dud. But two Iowa fans did have a memorable time, and a whole lot of explaining to do as well.

Unfortunately for these Iowa fans, what happens in a Metrodome bathroom stall doesn’t always stay in a Metrodome bathroom stall. Perhaps they were overtaken by the euphoria that a 55-0 victory gives you and did some things they perhaps might regret. They were caught having sex in a handicapped bathroom stall.

According to a police report, a Metrodome security officer saw two people having sex in a handicapped stall after noticing two sets of feet with underwear dropped to the ground.

A group of 15 onlookers were gawking at the scene by the time officers broke the couple up and wrote them misdemeanor citations.

Not so bad, right? It might be something to brag about lately, and could be a great party story as well. That would be the case under normal circumstances. And while this incident might give them some explaining to do during their next job interview, it seems as though there was some more immediate explaining necessary. The report concludes:

The woman, 38, was turned over to her husband. The man, 26, was turned over to his girlfriend.

Ah, yes. So not only were they caught for having sex in a bathroom stall, but they were cheating at the same time! The caught in the act couple were both visiting from Iowa, and it’s safe to say that it was a long, awkward ride home. How embarrassing.

And thus the lesson is clear. If you’re going to get caught having sex in a stadium bathroom (or anywhere, really), make sure you’re having sex with the proper person.

19 November 2008

Aaron Rodgers Makes Him Want To Dance

Aaron Rodgers might soon be known for his dance skills,but perhaps more consequential is the inspiration he provides to other dances. There's no other way to explain it, really. Aaron Rodgers makes this dude want to dance. And dance he does!

18 November 2008

One Heck Of A Catch

Isaac Stockton, we salute you! That's a SportsCenter-worthy catch if I've ever seen one. Starting at the 18-second mark you'll know what I mean...

World's Hottest Athlete Final Four Continues

InGameNow's World's Hottest Athlete competition continues again, with Blair O'Neal and Stacy Keibler facing off in the latter part of the Final Four. You can't really go wrong with either one, but check out my take here, and vote here.

17 November 2008

Mooning The Goalie Is A Great Way To Score A Goal

Theatrics has long been a part of soccer. Having trouble remembering a player writhing on the ground with a supposed devestating injury only to get up seconds later chasing after the ball? You've got memory problems then.

But why not bring a little more theatrics to goal scoring? Make that theatrics and tomfoolery. That's what Serie A Catania did during Sunday's 3-2 win over Torino. Three players dropped their shorts in front of the goalkeeper right before a free kick. The keeper was distracted/couldn't see the ball, and the goal went in. Game. Set. Match.

Pietro Lo Monaco, Catania chief executive, disagreed, telling RAI state radio: “A trick? I wouldn’t say so. It’s up to the referee to decide if it should be penalized, otherwise I don’t see where the problem is. . . . Good taste is relative.”
And video to prove it:

While I'd say that's an awesome move, soccer purists might disagree. Never mind them. That's damn funny, and a great way to score a goal. Whether this gets tried out in other sports is only a matter of time. Imagining Rasheed Wallace mooning an opposing player at the free throw line cracks me up. But isn't that also the equivalent of David Stern's worst nightmare?

(Photo Credit: Francesco Pecoraro/AP)

LIO's Take On InGameNow's World's Hottest Athlete Competition

Lion In Oil is a guest judge on InGameNow's World's Hottest Athlete contest, which has reached the Final Four stage. Anna Kournikova or the Feres Twins? Stacy Keibler or Blair O'Neal? I've put in my two cents. Now vote yourselves!

Cowboys Auction Allows You To Take A Leak With Greatness

If you're a true Dallas Cowboys fan there are lots of ways to prove your love for the team. You could buy a jersey, get season tickets, or even get a tattoo. But real Dallas Cowboys fans will want something from the Texas Stadium auction. There are more than 600 items up for grabs to the highest bidder, featuring...about everything you could imagine.

Tony Romo's locker would be a real get, as would the 30-foot-by-18-foot stadium entrance awnings. Yet the best buy of all has to the "Dallas Cowboys Official Team Locker Room Urinals." Urinals! Isn't that a man's dream - - to have a urinal in his house? But better yet, it's a urinal that's been peed in by many of the greats in Cowboys and NFL history. It even comes with a complete bathroom stall.

So if you're looking to remodel your bathroom, or any part of your house for that matter, get on this auction! Just imagine the lucky winner giving a tour of his house and proclaiming - this is my "Dallas Cowboys Official Team Locker Room Urinal." Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and I have now peed in the same urinal. Taking a leak with greatness. Is there anything better?

Indian Cricket Cheerleaders - Not Quite What You're Expecting

If you had to guess, just what do you think would make Indian Cricket more popular. Better players? Better competition? Nah. It's the cheerleaders!

The Orissa Cricket Association (OCA) is bringing in cheerleaders hoping to boost attendance and popularity for its league. But before you get all excited and book your flight to Cuttack (it's in Northeast India, if you're curious), perhaps you should read the fine print. You see, these aren't the type of cheerleaders we're accustomed to. They're all covered up.

"But I will not have them dressing up in short skirts, as it would be against our culture and traditions," Ashirbad Behera, secretary of the OCA said. "Our audience won't accept it."
Well pal, nobody is going to get too excited if they dress like that. People don't really care about the dance routines. It's the outfits.

So it's baby-steps for cheerleaders in India. They've got a lot of people to win over. After all, earlier this year Mumbai police said they would be checking cheerleaders' performances so they would not violate entertainment licences, resulting in fines. Clearly though, not everyone is accepting of the cheerleaders. Case in point, Ramchandra Guha, a historian.
"Why we always have to borrow the worst of the Western world is beyond me."

16 November 2008

Donovan McNabb Is Fit To Be Tied

Maybe Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb got hit too many times on Sunday. Maybe it was the four turnovers against the Bengals.  Whatever it was, McNabb didn't seem to know about ties in the NFL.  Well, now is as good of a time to learn as ever.  

10 November 2008

Hockey Fight or Bizarre Ice Dancing? You Decide

I thought hockey fights were better than this. Shouldn't this be a scene on Dancing With The Stars???