11 December 2008

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Sports or Sex? You Know the Answer

Today was a bad day for women who have often wondered where their man’s loyalty lies. Is it with them, or with their team? It’s sports or sex, pretty much. And sports has won out.

Barclays commissioned a study of 32,000 soccer fans, and the answers finally answered the question.

More than 49% of men surveyed said football was No1 in their lives compared to family (48%), the job (30%) and relationships (30%).

And 81% of fans also admitted they talk about the game more than any other subject, with half saying it is the best ice-breaker topic.
Now ladies, don’t get too upset about this. You see, men can’t help it. It’s part of our evolutionary programming.
“Throughout history men have fought in groups and football is just a modern-day version of that. It’s part of their survival programming and it’s in the genes,” psychologist Judi James said.
See, we can’t help it! We basically have to watch sports. You wouldn’t want to stand in the way of evolutionary programming, would you?

04 December 2008

Down the Block From Safeco Field the Count is 2 Balls and 1 Boner

The Seattle Mariners are going to have a new neighbor, and they’re not too happy about it. That would be a the Déjà Vu strip club, which is set to open three doors down from Safeco Field, making the distance between boobs and sausages only about 400 feet away from each other.

The Mariners asked the city to reconsider, calling for further interpretation of the city code passed last year which bans strip clubs from within 800 feet of community centers, parks and schools.
On Thursday the Seattle Department of Planning and Development denied the Mariners’ petition, ruling that Safeco Field isn’t really a community center, and isn’t really a public space either. Not when the average ticket price is over $25.

Baseball has always been a family sport, and in that tradition it’s understandable to see how the Mariners wouldn’t want to be sharing clientele with Déjà Vu. But there’s probably more to it than that. After a 101-loss season, the Mariners may be competing with the strip club. With the average price of a ticket last season being around $25 and a beer $5 it’s safe to say a Mariners game costs over $40. And would you rather use $40 to see sub-par baseball or girls? Keep that answer to yourself.

At the least if people are exiting the games early to head over to Déjà Vu it’ll cost the team at the concession lines. From the team’s point of view it’s unsavory and may hurt them financially. Perhaps it will make a difference, or perhaps it won’t make a difference. But one thing is for sure: pre- and post-game activities will be a lot more exciting around Safeco come next season.

03 December 2008

Help Charlie Weis Eat His Way To Victory

Notre Dame Head Coach and Offensive Genius™ Charlie Weis may have escaped a firing on Wednesday, remaining with the school for at least another season. Yet while Notre Dame may have spared him, Weis is still behind the eight ball when it comes to its fan base. A loss to woeful Syracuse, two straight sub-par seasons and a drubbing at the hands of USC will do that to you.

And thus it’s likely that this frustration bore the “A Charlie Weis Thanksgiving!” game. Your task: eat turkeys and drive up your cholesterol while avoiding the menacing Syracuse Orangemen. Your reward: a larger, better than ever FUPA. And more food.

While the quality of the game harkens back to the classic Barney Carnage from way back when, it’s the audio that makes it a true classic. Perhaps rather than preparing a game plan for the USC game, Weis was playing his game and listening to lines like this:

"I'll eat twenty cans of spam, I'll eat Tyrone Willingham," and “Hey Charlie Weis stop eating or your heart will stop beating” pretty much sum that part up.
So if you’re a die-hard Notre Dame supporter or a die-hard Notre Dame hater this game is for you. And between those two categories that makes up every single sports fan around.

How Does Your Team Get To The Game When The Charter Jet Company Goes Bust?

We all know about the global economic crisis going on, as much of the country watches its jobs and savings deteriorate away. In these times sports can be a great diversion – a place to put our troubles and worries away for a bit. But when the economic woes start seeping into sports then we’ve got a problem. It’s happening in Baseball. And the credit crisis has also taken its toll on an English soccer club.

Portsmouth FC didn’t really do anything wrong. They didn’t overspend on players, and they didn’t mismanage their funds. But on the way to Germany to face VfL Wolfsburg they got stranded because their charter company went bust. Bankrupt. Out of business.

Once it became clear early that morning - as early as 5am, according to sources - that Flightline had issues, Thomson spent the morning looking for alternatives. Eventually an aircraft owned by WDL, a German-based operator, flew to Southampton from Cologne to ferry them to Braunschweig.
It’s not the kind of smooth sailing pre-match preparation that clubs typically want, but it worked in this case, getting them to their destination just a few stressful hours later than they’d planned for. In this day and age, it’s not a complete shocker, and it may not be a rarity either if things keep up.