12 February 2009

Joel Przybilla Plays Defense With His Balls On The Line

Wednesday night's Trailblazers/Thunder game was a matchup of the first two picks in the 2007 draft. And while the game did not disappoint (Blazers 106, Thunder 92), it was also a defensive clinic of sorts. Notice Joel Przybilla above. His line for the night: 6 points, 13 rebounds, and one ball stopping, and balls crushing play. It didn't look like a charge, but it sure was interesting technique.

(Photo Credit: Bruce Ely/The Oregonian)

Frank Lampard's Guide To Stretching

English Footballer Frank Lampard has found a novel new way to prepare for a game. Lampard, with willing partner John Terry got ready for their friendly against Spain in a way I bet you normally don't. They look well-practiced at these sort of positions, don't they?

09 February 2009

Jericho Isn't News, It's Fox News

You're not really news until you've made it on Fox. Check out Monday's Daily Show if you don't believe me.

01 February 2009

Surprise Balls Action Interrupts The Super Bowl...It's Comcastic! - NSFW

Move over, Janet Jackson - - your "wardrobe malfunction" has now been topped. The Super Bowl provided lots of excitement on Sunday night, but it turned out there were surprises of all types for some Arizona viewers. Comcast cable serves around 80,000 customers in Southern Arizona, and those watching on analog TVs were given quite the "treat" during the exciting fourth quarter.

Shortly after Kurt Warner connected with Larry Fitzgerald for a touchdown late in the fourth quarter another shock came viewers' way. Porn. Porn, not commercials somehow made its way onto TV. Did some enterprising porn company pay $3+ million for a commercial? Doubtful, considering the full-frontal action. Even Go Daddy can't get away with that! The porn was only on Comcast subscribers with analog televisions. That will teach 'em for not switching yet to digital. Only a few days left to switch...

Comcast is going to have to do a little bit of explaining on Monday. Their website touts its family entertainment. This just negated that. Crisis PR is on the way!

The video is below, and is absolutely, positively, definitively 100% NSFW. Don't say you weren't warned. (Update: YouTube has taken it down. You can now view it below, thanks to ComcastSuperBowlPorn.com.)

Kudos to the pranksters that pulled this off. Too bad you're probably going to end up in jail for this one. And thanks to them many families must have had to have conversations they weren't expecting to have on Sunday night. Conversations about balls...just a different type.

America Gets Tea Bagged By The Boss

As always, Bruce Springsteen and the Street delivered, this time during the Super Bowl Halftime show. Except for one slight error. There was no "wardrobe malfuction," but instead another somewhat pleasant/somewhat disturbing/somewhat amusing surprise. Springsteen went for his patented knee slide across stage, but ended up giving America a good dose of the Boss' crotch. The look on his face before, during, and especially after is priceless. For a while it seemed as if the tea bagging would be the most memorable part of the game, but luckily for us all the second half ended up turning Super Bowl XLIII into a classic.